12 March 2015

Checking out LONDON'S FIRST PORRIDGE CAFE! Porridge for lunch? Why the hell not......

One of my favourite have for breakfast
Savoury porridge? Porridge for lunch? Hmmmmm....

I was excited to check out London's first Porridge Cafe that has recently opened in hipster Shoreditch. 

The pop up cafe (only open for one month) was created by Elly and her partner Nik who have a background in providing British street food for high profile events in London.

Where did the idea come from?

When they were travelling in Copenhagen they stumbled upon a cafe called Grod which served all different types of porridge and they thought...London is missing this!
It fits in perfectly with the new BRINNER trend ( breakfast for dinner) that has been growing bigger and bigger here in the big smoke.
With other cafes like 'Cereal Killer Cafe' that have also opened recently in the Shoreditch area, it seems all day breakfast food is becoming more and more popular...the new cool kid in town.

 It's located just a few minutes from Old Street - nice and easy to find.

My friend and I decided to check it out after the lunch time rush so it was lovely and quiet.

The cafe used to be an art gallery and has a lovely, clean, contemporary feel.  

There is a cool space at the back which is perfect for groups. After the lunch rush it would be a great place to relax with your lappy.

We sat at the front by the window.

This was the porridge choice for Monday. It changes daily so there's always something new to try! You can see from their website what new, exciting flavours they will be serving each day. 

I wanted to try a savoury one.

I went for the slow cooked beef ragu with feta and basil. 
Sounds good right? 
I was so intrigued...what would it taste like? 
Would it work as a lunch dish?

Boom! It looked soooo TASTY!!

It tasted a bit like risotto. The beef was beautifully tender. The flavours weren't too overpowering which left you wanting more after each spoonful and you occasionally caught bits of the delicious feta which was a real treat.

The portions are very generous.

My friend went for a sweet one....

It wasn't too sickly sweet and tasted really tropical and refreshing. I'd like to go back and have this for my brekkie!

She is all about healthy food and really enjoyed it!

I couldn't leave without trying their most popular porridge! Plus I was craving something sweet after my beef dish.....porridge is super filling BUT there's always room for dessert!

Yummmm this was gorgeous. A real winter warmer, the flavours reminded me of an apple and raisin strudel, but less sweet.
It was very moreish!
The cinnamon gave it a real kick and the apples were perfectly cooked. 
 If you want it to be even sweeter you could add some sugar or honey but I liked it how it was.

I was stuffed.

What's next for Elly and Nick?

They have had some exciting offers and you might be seeing the Porridge Cafe in London shopping centres soon....who knows where this new porridge trend will lead....

Tips for the Porridge Cafe -

It's only open in March so get ya butt down there soon.
They serve beautiful coffee there too.
Open Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm 
Sat 8am - 5pm
Sun 9am - 4pm

If you are a big porridge fan and interested in experiencing something a little different then go check it out.