29 January 2015

Attempting a healthier year? My first raw, vegan lunch experience at Tanya's Cafe.....

After all my pigging out and boozing over Christmas I decided to TRY and be healthy in January.
I say 'try' as I seem to just love food and booze too much to not be tempted by the dark side. 

My friend told me about a new cafe that had opened called 'Tanya's'.
Tanya, the owner and creator, made a global mark as a detox and raw food expert and has been hailed by the media as the UK's top holistic coach. 

I honesty don't know much about raw, vegan food so I won't try and blubber on about how good it is, if you are intrigued there are enough blogs and articles explaining all about it and how it can (apparently) change your life..... 

So, just to clarify, I have not been converted BUT I was amazed at how tasty and interesting raw food can be!
My friend and I (who is all about healthy food ) headed to Tanya's to see what all the fuss was about.
I had a small snack before I left as I thought - this healthy, raw, vegan food clearly won't fill me up. 
Boy was I wrong.

This is the inside of the cafe, located at myhotel in Chelsea.

As soon as I entered I felt like I had been welcomed into someones home, in a lovely conservatory surrounded by beautiful plants. Ahhhh blissful.
Then I checked out the menu choices, not what I expected at all. The description of all of the different dishes really excited me as it was all new territory and.... I just LOVED that it was all super healthy and guilt free!!!

To kick off our lunch we started with a shooter! To all you booze wasn't that kind of shooter.
We chose my calm - turmeric root, cinnamon, flack seed oil, raw honey, rhubarb & fennel.
It was packed with interesting flavours, very warming and I really liked the bottle it came in, it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and this was echoed throughout our lunch.

Tanya's had a very special, magical vibe. Bright colours, lots of little bottles full of juicy potions, tons of greenery giving it a very organic feel and cute signs sticking out of the plants with positive messages.

Time to order the food! There were so many delicious and intruiging options, I wanted to try everything!
We ended up choosing -

The soup was orange and butternut with yellow peppers. It was served cold with onion bread. I thought the presentation was lovely, really rustic and earthy. It was slightly tangy and very refreshing.   The onion bread dipped in the soup was yummy. 

The Warrior Salad consisted of juicy veggies on a bed of kale served with marinated winter pesto - stuffed mushrooms. The dressing had a citrus finish.
 I was blown away!! I'm NOT a salad person but this was insanely good!
The mushrooms were gorgeous and they were the perfect cheeky side that all salads need. 
I will be going back again to order this.

Lastly, the Nachos! 
Healthy Nachos? 
Of course we had to order these!
So there were four dips - walnut mushroom meat, pineapple salsa, guacamole and soured cashew cream. 
These were served with dehydrated sweet corn chips.

D E E E L I C I O U S 

What a fantastic take on nachos! I loved it and I wish I could make this at would be the perfect, healthy snack.

I was so very full after those beautiful dishes BUT there is always room for dessert! 
Especially a guilt free one! 
Like an excited child I headed over to check out the options.....

There were far too many to choose from. We went for a slice of the the raw carrot cake.

OMG it was crazy good. Heavenly!

It didn't last long....

I was happily stuffed. What a tasty lunch! 
Tanya's had such a calming and relaxing vibe. It was the kind of place you could stay at for hours, chilling out and trying more treats on the menu. The perfect oasis in this hectic city.

I will definitely be going back. I want to check out the breakfast and dinner menus.
The spirits and alcohols are vegan, organic and made with raw cold press juices. 
BOOM, guilt free boozing. 
Do you need any more reasons to check this place out?
Get booking -

The damage.